Cult of the Gundead Guide

Cult of the Gundead Guide

April 14, 2023 0 By David

In cult of the gundead, the cult is the opposite of the goddess. A gunslinger was turned into a lich by a goddess and declared to destroy everything she held dear. To do this, the gunslinger collected revolvenants and called out to those who had lost everything and would do anything to have a second chance. In return, he granted them entry to the cult of the gundead.


The Cult of the Gundead is a group of enemies in the game Enter the Gungeon. These are cultists that worship the gun and will do everything they can to defeat the heroes. These enemies can be extremely difficult to defeat, so be sure to keep your cool and avoid them. They will generally walk around the map firing single bullets at the player, but they will also hide underground and sometimes release a ring of bullets around themselves. You will also encounter some enemies that will fire fast-moving bullets along the laser sight.

One of the best ways to defeat the enemies is to swarm them from behind while you’re using a weapon with a high damage rate. You can either use a shotgun or an autogun. Each weapon has its own pros and cons, but they all have different advantages. A shotgun has more damage and accuracy than a sniper, so it’s a good choice for close-range combat.

There are many ways to kill enemies, including land mines, flash bombs, and other types of weapons. You can also use magic to attack enemies. While they’re powerful, they’re still very vulnerable, so you should take extra care to protect your assets.

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The Cult of the Gundead is a group of enemies found in Enter the Gungeon. This group is comprised of members who believe in the power of gun. They will do whatever it takes to destroy heroes and protect their temple. Because of their extreme tactics, it can be difficult for new players to complete the game. Each time you reach the Forge, you have a chance to remove enemies from the map. If you kill 10 or more of them, the difficulty will be limited by 2%.


The Cult of the Gundead are the enemies that appear throughout Enter the Gungeon. They are devotees of the gun and will use any tactics to defeat the heroes. As a new player, it’s a good idea to avoid them during the first few levels of the game because they can be quite difficult. Each time you kill a Cult of the Gundead, you’ll lose an equal percentage of your total score. This percentage decreases each time you reach Forge.


Located in the Gungeon, the Cult of the Gundead are a challenging group of enemies. These followers of the gun will stop at nothing to defeat your heroes and will use all the tactics in their arsenal to protect their temple. This horde is one of the toughest enemies to kill in Enter the Gungeon, and their abilities can limit your progress. There is a chance for them to kill you and remove you, and this chance is equal to 10% of your character’s level. Once you reach the Forge, the chance for them to destroy you will be reduced by 2% every time you defeat them.

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