Fast Food Fight and Megacorp Fast Food Fight Shadowrun

Fast Food Fight and Megacorp Fast Food Fight Shadowrun

March 4, 2022 0 By David

You’ve probably heard of Fast Food Fight from the Quickstart Rules. It’s a pre-made run that is relatively short and doesn’t have a ton of plot focus. It also contains spoilers. If you’re looking for a quick game, you may want to skip Fast Food Fight.


Shadowrun is a role-playing game set in the near future. Big corporations have become their own nations, and people must perform gritty, illegal, or even suicidal tasks to survive. Fast Food Fight is a short module for new Shadowrunners.

Street Sammy

In this pre-made run, Street Sammy takes on a group of enemies: a security guard named Lucy, a kitchen staffer named Patsy, and a janitor named Dipsy. Vic, the manager, and the janitor are all in garish red and yellow uniforms. The security guard, who is armed with a pistol, tries to take out Street Sammy, but fails and hits the wall instead. Other patrons in the restaurant watch in fascination.


In Megacorp fast food fight shadowrun, you’re an independent contractor living in a megacorp-controlled world. In this dystopian future, your meat body is enhanced with bioware and cyber implants to give you better than flesh performance. In addition, you are connected to a wireless Matrix that enables you to experience the hyperreal world. In this world, you can do jobs for megacorps or do back alley jobs for them.

PhysAd’s goon in the kitchen

In the Shadowrun chapter, “The Goon of PhysAd,” the character Sammy is attacked by a goon. The goon’s name is Vic and he has the same name as Sammy’s boss, the local mob boss. Vic is a high-ranking mobster who is trailing PhysAd. He decides to come inside McHughs, a restaurant similar to McDonald’s, where he believes Vic can find his daughter. PhysAd’s goon, Face, and Street Sammy are soon beaten and the two men are left unable to continue with the mission. However, Face, a Runner, manages to sneak around a corner and hit the manager in the shoulder.

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Quickstart rules

If you’re looking for a quick start for Shadowrun, then you’ll love the Quick Start Rules. These rules are compact and easy-to-read. They also include pregenerated characters, quick-reference sheets, and an adventure. The first adventure in Foodfight 4.0 is also included in the Quick Start Rules.

If you’re new to Shadowrun, Fast Food Fight is a short pre-made adventure that teaches you the basics of the game’s combat mechanics. The pre-generated characters are pretty fun to play and are perfect for learning how to combat in Shadowrun. It’s also an easy way to get started with Shadowrun without having to spend hours on it.

Simplified rules

The Simplified Rules for Fast Food Fight is a fun way to play a fast food fight in Shadowrun. It’s a fun way to introduce the rules and give players a taste for the game. Instead of using a single die to determine hit or miss, you’ll use three dice. In addition, you can use the six-sided die to resolve issues.

Fast Food Fight is a short, pre-made adventure that introduces the basic combat mechanics of the game. It makes the rules easy to understand and includes pre-generated characters. Although it’s an easy way to learn the rules of Shadowrun, it doesn’t offer a huge focus on plot.

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