Luigi’s Mansion 3 Floor 8 Key

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Floor 8 Key

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Luigi’s Mansion 3 is a puzzle game that features a variety of rooms and floors to solve. The game’s eighth floor contains a puzzle involving the director’s megaphone. To complete this puzzle, players must enter four rooms. Once inside, players can use the key to enter the hotel owner’s office.

Gooigi is an ectoplasmic doppelganger of Luigi

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is an action-packed adventure game. It features a wide variety of puzzles and frantic action, including pushback from ghosts and special ghosts, boss battles, and themed floors. The story revolves around Luigi’s search for the elevator buttons.

Gooigi possesses similar physical attributes to Luigi, with the exception of being green instead of blue. His body is made of a green goo material, and his hat is shaped like a letter G instead of an “L.” He is usually seen with the same expression as Luigi.

Gooigi can be controlled by using a suction cup. He must stand in front of a camera to get it. After the camera is activated, he must then climb the castle to pick up a torch. Then, he must take the torch to the main set. Then, Luigi must stop filming once he’s at the building’s set.

Gooigi can also be found in the men’s restroom. A metal panel on the left wall reveals a green pipe. This drain leads to a chest under the floor. Gooigi will need to find it in order to unlock a chest underneath the floor.

The dress shop is the rightmost shop in the lower floor of the mall. Gooigi is needed for all of the shops to open. Once in the dress shop, the Poltergust plunger will open the secret door hidden behind the mirror. Then, the suction of the Poltergust will grab the red gem.

Gooigi is a key to getting into the hotel owner’s office

The first key to entering the hotel owner’s office is found inside a hidden room. Using a blacklight, you can find a key inside a statue. The key opens the door and reveals a hidden door. The dark light will also reveal a door in the Master Bathroom. Once inside, Gooigi can jump over the lasers with his burst move and pass through pipes to reach a platform.

The second key is located on floor 8, which is the same as the first key. You need to vacuum the Googi and clear panels 1-4. Then, you need to reach the life projector screen. When the light changes to green, it means that Luigi has successfully lifted the screen.

Gooigi is an excellent tactical advancement, as he is able to solve co-op puzzles and outwit tricky hotel threats. He also has a poop power, which allows him to poop on enemies and slide through obstacles that Luigi cannot reach. He also has unlimited respawns, which makes it easier to protect Luigi’s limited life. However, it’s important to remember that Gooigi has one major drawback: it cannot get wet, and will turn into a puddle.

In addition to Luigi, Gooigi is a key to entering the hotel owner’s office. However, he must be careful when entering the office, as the red lasers can damage Luigi and his companions. He must carefully avoid laser beams, which are placed in the path of Gooigi. He can also use his flashlight to stun Hellen. You can use the flashlight to stun Hellen, but the barrier beams will prevent him from getting to Luigi.

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Finding gems

Finding gems in Luigi’s Mansion 3 floor 8 key requires you to blow on a rug and a gem will appear. It can also be done in the Backstage area with an orange moving elevator. You can use Gooigi to blow on the valve to move Luigi up and down, and you can also use the Strobulb to flash green light and open a safe or fossil. Another gem can be found while jumping off the scaffolding.

The gem can also be found in the Elevator Hall outside the elevator. Luigi and Gooigi can blow on the bottles to get them to fall, but you need to dodge the carpet rolls to reach the gem. After finding the gem, you can turn on the lights in the elevator and unlock the vault.

The next gem can be found in the Lounge. To find it, Luigi and Gooigi must walk on the floor switch near the chandelier. Then, use the Dark-Light Device to reveal a bell hidden inside the table. Alternatively, you can use the Vacuum to grab a coconut from the tree and throw it to the statue of a mermaid.

To reach the gem in the Mansion, you need to use Gooigi and a Dark-Light Device. Then, move left until you find a hidden area. This room contains the gem on the left side of the room. You can also use the Strobulb to open a cabinet in the left side of the room. Once you’ve done this, use your Strobulb to open the two doors on either side of the room.

Fighting Polterkitty

If you are having trouble getting past Polterkitty in Mario Party: Tropical Freeze, there are a few tricks you can try. For one, you can use the strobulb to flash Polterkitty when it hides under a bench. In addition, you can lift several hats using a special jump.

The first trick to defeat Polterkitty is to avoid his attacks and use the right weapons to deal damage to him. While he normally resembles a small kitty, he quickly turns into a panther-like monster when cornered. You can also use your Gooigi to stun him, but it won’t hurt him. Once he is stunned, use a Poltergust to latch onto him and pull him in the opposite direction. Once you have done this, you should be able to defeat him.

In a game that features ghosts, Polterkitty can be found on many floors of the mansion. It can be a challenge to find a way through them all. You can also pick up various items that will help you get past the ghosts. Depending on your level, you can find different types of ghosts in varying places.

You can also use the elevator to get to floor nine, but you should be careful because the cat can steal it. The button to floor 9 has a sonic blast, so you should be sure to use it before Luigi touches it. You can also use a Dark Light function to see spectral tracks if you want to see where Polterkitty is hiding.

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Defeating the Red Megaphone

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is a Nintendo Switch game with a lot to offer. The game is eight hours long and has lots of missions, which take place on the set of 8F Paranormal Productions. It pays homage to old horror movies, and you’ll have to defeat the Red Megaphone in order to progress to the next floor.

The red megaphone is found in a room that is located on the far left of the screen. To reach it, use the Suction Shot to open a box. While inside, be careful not to burn the spider web. Once inside, Luigi can grab the megaphone.

Defeating the Red Megaphone on the third floor requires a lot of time, but it is well worth it. This floor’s boss is Morty, the director of Paranormal Productions. Once you defeat him, you’ll get the button to go to the fourth floor. The button will then lead you to the hall outside. It also leads to the ladies’ restroom, where you can find a pile of rats.

This is the hardest part of the game. It’s not your average Mario bros game, and it’s hard to get to the end. You’ll have to take your time and get as far as you can. The megaphone can be difficult to locate, but it can be retrieved through a television in the main hub. If you’re lucky, you can use the suction shot to open the box.

Getting to the Director’s room

First, you need to turn on all the television sets. Afterward, go back to the center room to find the well. Drop a bucket into it, and it will come up with water. You can then use the flashlight to travel back to the center room.

You’ll need to enter a room with a red carpet. You can also find a big room with film pictures on it. One of these rooms has a television in the left corner. Once you’re in that room, interact with the television to see a scene. You can also pull the big door to bring you to the Director’s room.

Once in the room, you can try to capture the Director. Normally, he’ll hand you a key, but he might have forgotten it. You can also use the key to get in the elevator. This will unlock the final floor of the mansion.

The next step is to head upstairs to the Editing Room. Here, you’ll find Morty. This is the ghost of a movie director. His name comes from the Latin word mortis. He is a passive boss, and he won’t directly fight Luigi. In fact, he’ll make Luigi fight a monster in his monster suit. The boss fight will feel a lot like a love letter to the Godzilla movies.

The next step is to activate the camera. As you move, you’ll face enemies, which will pop up. To get to the Director’s room, you’ll have to defeat Firefighting Goobs using the Hammer or the Suction Shot. Once you’ve done this, you’ll need to get into the TV set to reach the director’s room.

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